Photo of The Day: “The Lady Of The Harbor”


So another 4th of July has come and gone and indeed the year is more than half done. Is there any way to slow down time short of getting on a spacecraft and cruising at the speed of light? 🙂

I still remember as a kid watching on television America’s “Bicentennial” in 1976. That was a big deal the Bicentennial. Anyone remember that? Gerald Ford was the President of the United States (thanks to reader Kevin Thomas for pointing this out!). You’re telling me that was forty years ago?! Hot damn man!

Anyway, here’s one in the spirit of the 4th of July. I shot this twenty years ago in 1996, the last time I actually visited the Lady. If anything, I hear she looks better than ever!

Any New Yorker knows that you visit the Lady once or twice and then you’re content to see her from afar, i.e., from a bridge, from a boat, etc. Only tourists actually want to go there and brave the long lines 🙂

The gear I was using at that time was the Canon EOS A2E which was a semi-pro/enthusiasts camera, much like the 7D is today. It had a unique feature called “eye control” focusing which is what the “E” in A2E stood for. The camera also had a twin without the eye control feature called the A2 and was also known internationally as the EOS-5.

The camera used technology that followed your eye movements to predict focus. It didn’t work really well for me, but I heard that it was fine for others. I did try it on the EOS-3 later on and it worked much better on that body. Overall though, being somewhat of a traditionalist, I just thought it was a fun gimmick and went back to focusing the “normal” way. Choose focus point, compose, shoot 🙂

The camera was actually quite great to use. Good build quality, speedy and accurate AF. It had one fatal flaw however. That flaw was that the mode dial was prone to breaking rendering it useless. The good news is that it did take a lot of usage for that to happen. Mine happened after about five years of ownership with moderate use.

Canon did repair them at one point, but the cameras are so cheap now it’s just better to grab another one if you really want to try it.

The lens used was an el cheapo EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 which was a decent, if not great lens. And the film I believe was Kodak Gold as it was my film of choice back in those days.

Ah those were the great days when I got by on one camera and two lenses, far from the gear lust monster I have become today. I always tell anyone starting out, if they have a decent setup like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, to just stick to what they have and work with it. Of course, they don’t listen and I can’t blame them I guess 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photo of The Day: “The Lady Of The Harbor”

  1. I’ll note that Gerald Ford was still president on July 4th that year. That was the first year I got to vote for president, and I remember being disappointed at the choices 😜

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    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for the correction, haha I was way too young at that time I guess and I’m much older now too lol. I have made the correction and I credit you for it! Thanks! 🙂


  2. Yo bro…I recall the early 80’s when all I had was a Yashica-mat 124G and a refrig full of Vericolor 120. I was as happy then as I ever have been as a photog. Then I bought a K1000 and it was off to the races…one lens after another. :-)))
    Incidentally on vacation I ran into a guy who was the product manager of color films for Kodak (retired)! He commented on my M3 and we started to talk. He told me that he replaced Vericolor with Portra to standardize the processing. Vericolor had to be processed uniquely which was a pain for the automated labs. Plus the film had a chemical that was coming under EPA scrutiny. Interesting. I finally learned the real reason that I lost my favorite film! Right from the horse’s mouth….
    Hope you and the family enjoyed your 4th.

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    1. Hey great Boscodamus!! Thanks for sharing that very interesting tidbit of information. Good stuff! I’m sure the readers will appreciate it too! I’m good, I hope you are too! I’ll send you a PM later, all the best! 🙂


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