Thoughts On The iPhone X: iPhone Overload?

“Anticipation Over” 2016. Apple iPhone 6s Plus

The wait is over. This week Apple announced its highly anticipated iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, the tenth anniversary model of the now legendary iPhone series. Head over to Apple’s website if you are interested in all the technical details. Let’s face it some of you gadgeteers are interested!

While everything sounds good, I don’t think I’m getting one. Well, not until the next round of phones come out and the 8 and X go on sale haha. The key technological selling points…Face ID, Augmented Reality, and moving emojis? What the heck are these things?!

Come on man, I just got used to the Touch ID and it’s good enough for me, and I didn’t even know I needed it! I don’t need my phone to recognize my face. Or maybe I do? 🙂

Apple is very good on selling us technology we never knew we needed or even wanted. The Augmented Reality feature sounds like something that will transform my world into a fantasy/cartoon experience. Let me tell you something Apple, my world is already a cartoonish fantasy! Why would we need or want this? Yes, I’m sure once we see how cool it is, we won’t live without it.

No disrespect to Apple, I think they are a great company and I don’t really blame them for trying to enhance our virtual experience. It just seems to me that we are experiencing technology overload. Electronics have gotten so good, on our phones, our cameras, our gadgets that now companies are just coming up with things that we never needed to “wow” us into buying. And it’s not just Apple, it’s everyone!

Camera companies are doing the same thing, overloading these cameras with stuff we never knew we needed. Today’s high end digital cameras are really super computers that just happen to take pictures.

The best thing about the iPhone X? I think it’s the “X.” I mean, come one, everyone knows adding an “X” to your product always makes it like a hundred times cooler and more desirable! That “X” sells baby! Just look at the Fuji “X” series. Or the Nikon D1X, D2X, D3X. Or how about a Hasselblad X-Pan? Or a Panasonic LX? Or a Canon G1X? You get the drift?

Finally, the moving emojis? Come on man! A talking poop emoji? Ok, maybe this I need 🙂



7 thoughts on “Thoughts On The iPhone X: iPhone Overload?

  1. You’re exactly right! My love affair with the iPhone was over when they shipped the ‘soap bar’ shaped iPhone 6…. I feel strangely reluctant to hold these things, they seem unnaturally big and slippery. I don’t need the bigger screen!

    Then the iPhone 7 had this strande NON-Home-Button. A thing that looks like a button but is miles from feeling like one. I hate it!

    Happily they still have the iPhone SE which has the correct site and form for me. I got one some months ago but I think it will definitely be my last iPhone. Where will I go? No idea. All the others are equally strange to me – do I really need one? Yyyyyess I think.

    For over 10 years I lived with Apple products. I bought an iMac in 2006 and some handful other Macs since and since then never had any major problems with viruses, crashing OS or others. But lately I thin I’ll go back to building my own PCs like before Apple.

    Apple simply don’t upgrade their desktops (or don’t upgrade them as frequently as they should, I can’t change the memory size or disk of my iMac without risking to break it or paying a lot of money…. And the new MacBook Pros are horrendously expensive… no way José!

    I’ll be sorry to go and it won’t be easy regarding my Apple ecosystem but I’ll have to do it.

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    1. All well made points! I too live with Apple products simply because they’re less prone to crashing, but I really don’t like how Apple wants to control every aspect of the products that I paid good money for. Things like changing ram or batteries which should be easy, they make it hard to do. Thanks for your comments, appreciate it!

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      1. OK, Apple products are pricey, but my first iMac from 2006 was sold one year ago and still worked! Definitely a lot of bang for a lot of bucks.

        But 2000€ for a Notebook…. 1000€ for a Phone…. nope!

        I’m currently testing Windows 10 in a VMware virtual machine on my Mac… looks mighty strange and will take some time to adapt to it. But jut so I’ll know what to do….

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      2. Yes, they work and they last I’ll give them credit! I just got a 2006 17 inch MacBook for $200 and it works great for its age! Good luck with your project!

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  2. Hey bro! I too have the SE because of its size. Nice but the reception doesn’t match my old LG flip. Also the touch id was annoyingly hit or miss. So I don’t use a lock because I also hate typing numbers every time I use the SE…..but I stopped keeping naked pictures of myself on the phone! :-))))
    I’ll pass on the new ones as well..
    PS: I still never took a pic with the phone (but Mrs B uses her 6+ to take pictures all the time)..


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