Photo Of The Day: “Silent Night” 2017

Yes folks, Christmas is almost here! Apologies for the inactivity it has been a bit of a Christmas “rush” indeed this year!

Nearly ten years ago, I took a similar shot with my older daughter Zoe at this age and called it “Silent Night” hence the title 😘

This photo was just a test shot of a beater Olympus OM Zuiko 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 that I got for $11. It was mated to my old Canon 5D Mark II.

Generally I’m not interested in a zoom lens with this range, even in my “all film” days. I prefer primes and I’ve always found the standard 35-105mm a bit boring. Even if it’s a useful range in reality, I just hated using them. Plus these lenses are almost always long and clunky.

However, I knew that this lens in particular, the Zuiko 35-105mm f3.5-4.5 has a bit of a cult following and at $11 I said why not?!

Well, for a lens with a lot of optical defects, ie haze, fungus, God knows what else, it is quite impressive! I have had good luck with bad lenses before so this is no exception but it’s always a good feeling when you scored a deal and saved some bucks.

Don’t kill yourself trying to get one, it’s not a Canon L lens or Nikon pro grade lens. But it is very good. And it’s not a particularly hard to find lens though you’d probably pay a little more than what I paid for it. I haven’t checked prices lately, but I wouldn’t pay more than $50 for one even in great condition. Don’t let me stop you though, that’s just me.

I was impressed with the lovely circular and uniform bokeh. As you zoom in towards telephoto, the bokeh is not as pretty but hey it’s $11 bucks!

Who knows, this might end up being my best photographic “gift” this Christmas! 😊


10 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Silent Night” 2017

  1. Hey bro…Merry Christmas to you and yours! Gotta love that 11 dollar shot of Zay!
    Anyway, let’s hope for a wonderful and productive 2018! 🙂
    Take care pal….

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      1. Hey Bro!! Great to hear, thanks! I’ll have to make my way back to Pbase, it’s been too long. Happy New Year to you and all the family my good man! 😊


    1. Hi Victor, I’m glad we agree on primes and zooming by legs as you say! Yes the bokeh is amazingly round which is why I shared the pic. Yet being too “perfect” kinda makes it boring too. Still if I need a bokeh like this, I’ll know which lens to grab. Hey wish a Happy Holidays to you and your family my friend! 😊


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