Photo Of The Day: “Lazy Saturday” Leica CM 40mm f/2.4 Summarit

Here’s a shot from 2015 taken with the Leica CM point and shoot that I picked up in 2010 from the Man himself “Mr. Leica” Ken Hansen! 😎✊🏻

The alternate title was going to be “Work & Sleep” What’s better? 😊😘

As of today, I haven’t reviewed it yet! I don’t think I even mentioned that I have it 😀 I don’t buy cameras with the thought of reviewing them. I buy them to take pictures. The reviews are usually an afterthought 😊 Film I think was Ilford FP4 developed in D76.

Awesome Camera Legend Camera! I’ve always suspected it was made by Panasonic but whatever the case, the great Erwin Puts raves the lens as a true Leica so I’m gonna go with him! Even if it’s a “Leica Designed” lens, it’s a sublime optic.

The camera is prone to an infamous ERR message that kills it but knock on wood it hasn’t happened to me yet 😬 Finally though, there are a couple of people who can repair it…for a price! I’ll have more on this in future postings 😊

Ah you guys don’t even know half of what I got in store to review and share with you guys!! At least you probably understand now why I created the Camera Legend blog. It would be a sin not sharing these experiences!! 😍

The only problem for me really is overcoming this man’s laziness haha 😀 There ain’t no glory in it! No real money to be made. Yet I do this out of love but listen man, there’s only so much love to go around in this world, know what I mean? Happy Saturday Camera Lovers!! 😎📷😘✌🏻


4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Lazy Saturday” Leica CM 40mm f/2.4 Summarit

    1. Ah Victor honestly I lost count! To be honest with you I did not set out to be a gear head but it ended up that way! I’ll explain this is a future posting. Thanks much for your kind words! 😊👍🏻


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