Flashback Friday: The Lens That Got Away 😢

Good morning awesome war torn camera geeks! Today’s #flashbackfriday post is from #2008 and this is from one of my #regret files 😢 A little bit of a long read but if you love Leica you may find it interesting 😎👍

Ok so in this pic, I’m holding a Canon EOS 30D which is an 8mp DSLR that you can get very cheap these days. It’s a very nice camera but nothing really special in today’s world. But that lens…

The lens is the rarely seen Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux in R mount 😍 This was the ROM version and I got it for around $800 in 2008

My R collection was nearly complete at this point but the M8 was calling me so I put this lens up for sale in 2010 I think I tried selling it for $1000 but there were no USA takers. It was a couple of days before the end of the auction when an overseas buyer in South Korea offered me twice the price at $2K!!

I honestly stay away from selling overseas due to high risk of fraud but this person was VERY persistent and everything checked out. I sold it to him and I’ve never seen another 35mm f/1.4 Summilux R that I could afford in fourteen years! 😢

The price of this lens on eBay now is ridiculous from like $8K and up. This was one of my camera selling mistakes 😢

Listen, I’m glad the new owner was happy with the purchase. I’m glad I doubled my original estimate and made some money. My only regret is I didn’t get to spend more time with this legendary lens before I sold it. But now you know how I was able to pay for my M8!! 😍 I gotta work, I gotta hustle man. It’s not like I have an endless bank account 😎👍

Oh one more secret just for you guys…I love Leica and I think the lens was good but not great for my purposes. It didn’t really stand out to me, that’s why I sold it! Not worth $8K maybe not even $2K 😂

So in that sense I don’t really regret it but again I really didn’t spend as much time as I should have with it. Please note, this is not the M mount version that I’m talking about.

Learn from my experiences and stop lens lusting for these ultra expensive or rare lenses👍

Do you have any camera gear related regrets? I’d love to hear about it! Have an awesome day guys! 😎📸❤️👍

One thought on “Flashback Friday: The Lens That Got Away 😢

  1. I sold a cherry Leica M6 classic (0.85), which I am sure you remember, for $1400. Big mistake. I recently bought another one, mint in box, from Japan for $3500 because I could never forget that first one. My other regret was selling my SMC Pentax A 50mm f/1.2 because I had the K version. Another big mistake. I guess all of us shutterbugs have a few sad tales to tell.
    Later bro and all the best.

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