Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze makes Zay feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in her mind! 😊

Well friends it’s July today and for this morning just a quick post.

This was shot with the iPhone X using that faux bokeh mode again.

Now you guys know I’ve been an advocate for “real” cameras, but…Friend, it’s getting close! Maybe too close for comfort 😊

Ok maybe you don’t like the cool filter I chose, but the “bokeh” looks better than what I get from some large sensor point and shoots!

I know, I know, probably not what you want to read on a Sunday morning from the Camera Legend website. Heck, it’s not something I’d want to read! But I’m trying to keep it real 😊

I know you guys want more classic camera reviews and in time, yes I will give the people what they want! 😊😘

I used to post more spontaneously but as the site progressed I felt the need to make the reviews more and more in depth, which actually took the fun away from posting.

Maybe I can find a middle ground from which to restart? Anyway thank you guys for reading and Happy Sunday! πŸ˜ŽπŸ“·βœŒπŸ»


4 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. Hey bro…I’m going light speed in the other direction…just sent 8 rolls in to The Darkroom since our last local lab just went out! πŸ˜₯ ….the K1 is already gathering dust….
    Love the shot of the beautiful Zay!!!


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