Thoughts On The Sony A7SII

Sony A7SII

The incredible new Sony A7SII.

Sony is on a roll, and I mean REALLY on a roll! In the middle of 2014, they released the A7s, a 12.2mp full-frame, interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. The camera currently sells for nearly $2500.

But wait, something sounds funny there. A 12.2mp camera in 2014 selling for $2500?

As crazy as that sounds, the A7s got rave reviews, mostly for its amazing high iso performance. But the camera could also output impressive 4K video to an external recorder.

The last 12mp full-frame camera I ever used was the Nikon D3 of 2007. And even then, I thought that camera was quite awesome at ISO 6400. The A7s is impressive up to ISO 102,400!

Now just over a year later, Sony just introduced the A7sII with the highlights being a high iso of 409,600 (!) and being able to record 4K video internally.

I’ve said many times here that I’m not a video guy (used to be in the laserdisc days!), but I have been impressed with what 4K video can do.

And I’ve always felt 12mp to be a sweet spot for full-frame ever since the original Canon EOS 5D of 2005.

I am also a big fan of low light, high iso work. I love to shoot the night. That said, we may be getting to the point where the cameras are too good! I know, I shouldn’t be complaining, and I’m not, but I’m perfectly fine with ISO 3200 and some grain 🙂

Anyway, this looks to be a really awesome camera, but I probably won’t be buying one. I’m sure it’s going to be a hot seller, the first batch will probably sell out. You can pre-order the A7SII HERE if you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on one. Perhaps, you can give us a report back on how you like this camera?

To me, the technology has come so far, gotten so good that I am shooting more and more film 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Sony A7SII

    1. Thanks Victor! I think a lot of us “older” shooters could relate to that, ISO 3200 was like the highest ISO most of us knew with film. And if you recall, it was a hard road to ISO 3200! Now they got it so easy with ISO 102,400 and 409,600, they could never appreciate how hard we worked to get ISO 3200 🙂

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      1. Agree with you – lower technology switch on our creativity and hunting mood. This easy abolity to shoot with this crazy ISO just make night photography not interesting and results look like postcards instead of to have some GRAIN. I find these huge numbers in Mpx, ISO and different effects like smile detection is just perfect business model to force the newcomers to replace the camera to the new one every year. I stuck with mkii 5 years and thinking to get another one in good conditiin just for backup. The prices are low now because of hi end syster mkiii with overhelmed MPx size and other unusual stuff.

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