“Zay 365” :-)


Zay @ three months. Canon EOS 5D Classic, EF 50mm f/1.8

Have to take a moment to say Happy 1st Birthday Zay!! Thanks for a year of new adventures, happiness, fun, and diapers. Looking forward to seeing you grow, but don’t grow up too fast..Love you lots! Pops 🙂



7 thoughts on ““Zay 365” :-)

  1. Samstradamus, I would like to take a moment also to say Happy Birthday to Zay and, I can’t help but to wonder how she looks nine months after the posted picture. She is absolutely beautiful and so cute at three months young.
    On the equipment side, I have that same combo and just love it for portraits. The IQ is fabulous. My 50 is the plastic mtg version, bought it when I got my 5D for an additional 75$. Nice gon on the shot and, check out all that hair.
    More time, Radman.

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    1. Hey Rad Master!! Thanks for your comments and yes, I love this combo for portraits, so simple but effective!! I’ll get back to you, thanks again! Best, Sam


    1. Bro, no problem, totally understand after all these years of seeing Zoe on my sites!! Baby Zay is like her Pops, she won’t be mad lol…Best, Sam 🙂


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