Happy New Year 2018!!

Just want to take a moment to wish all good friends, family, and the great readers of this blog and very Happy New Year 2018!!

Wish you all great health, wealth, prosperity and more cameras and lenses for sure! πŸ˜€

There’s a new Sun arising right? What’s my resolution for 2018? Hmm, hard to say. Be more active here on the blog, maybe? 😘

Just want to assure you all that it’s not for a lack of things to review or write about. Sometimes I even scare myself with the things I’ve acquired!

Two things keeping me from doing more, I think. One is being too selective. I want to write a good piece for you and not just throw something out there for the sake of it. I see this as a long term project where these articles will be around for a while on the web and I want to get it right. Accuracy counts.

You the readers have helped put some of our reviews such as the Rolleiflex 2.8C, the Contax T2, Canon T90 and several others right there on Google’s first page on their search engine and for that I’m forever grateful. Thus, I’ve become very selective on what to put out.

Secondly, I’m not the “kid” who was posting wildly to photo forums in 2003, hungry for photographic validation from my peers.

After a while you accept the fact that not everyone will like your work and it’s still going to be alright. There’s a billion photographers posting out there today. How are you going to add to that? Almost impossible I think! Just do your thing and be happy with it 😘

Plus with two young kids to care for, a lot of my zest for writing and posting is exhausted before I even start. I’m getting old I guess! 😊

I’m sure some of you can relate. But anyway, I’m going to try to be more active this year, not only on my blog but on yours!

Can I actually do it? I hate to quote our “beloved” President but from one commitmentphobe to another…”We’ll see” πŸ˜€

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all and thank you! You are the best!!


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