Just Because: The Samoca 28x

The great singer Anita Baker once sang, “I love you just because…I do!” The late great Whitney Houston said in a song, “I don’t know why I like you…I just do!” πŸ˜€

When you love cameras as much as I do, you’re bound to collect some “just because” and this is one of them. Here’s one of the funkiest cameras you might ever see. Beautifully small and funky just how I like it! 😊

I believe this is a Samoca 28X or Samoca 28. Had this for a while, maybe more than a year. Tiny lovely looking camera from an obscure manufacturer.

I’m one of those people that want to shoot every camera I get but sometimes it takes me forever because I’ve always got film in other cameras that keep my interest. Still, this one seems worth taking for a spin…if I ever get around to it! 😊

I’m not sure what they go for nowadays but I got mine for $45 in 2017. I saw one recently on eBay for over $200 which I think is a ridiculous price for this camera even as awesome as it might look, it’s not worth that much!

Anyway, if and when I get a roll through it, you’ll be sure to see the photos here. Have yourselves a great day Camera Lovers and happy shooting! πŸ˜ŽπŸ“·βœŒπŸ»


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