Throwback Thursday: The Nishika N8000

Nishika N8000 3D Camera

For your Throwback Thursday here’s a time machine from the 1980s! Now friend I need to ask you…do you live in a 2D world? Or do you live in a 3D world? The answer is neither! You live in a 4K, heck even 8K world! 😀

The Nishika N8000 was introduced in 1989 riding off the 3D wave of the 1980s sparked by Nimslo and their famous or infamous 3D camera.

3D photography is something the photo industry has tried to sell for years and while it’s cool, truth of the matter is it doesn’t ring with the masses.

I have to admit, I just don’t love the workflow involved with this camera or it’s cheap feel. I do love seeing other people’s 3D work, just not my own. I’ve had this for some time but it’s just another collectible I got cheap 😊

Why no pics? I’ll say straight up I’m not happy with my results with this camera. And if I think it’s junk why would I waste your time and post them? 😀

Happy TBT good peeps! 😎📷✌🏻


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Nishika N8000

    1. Hi Buz lol you’re a wiser man than I am! Actually I had no interest in it back in the 80s either! Only now just to add to my 1980s camera collection. Happy Saturday my friend! -Sam 😊


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