RIP Ken Hansen

RIP Ken Hansen

Good morning everyone. A sad #fbf for you. Some of you may know that Ken Hansen passed away a few days ago on April 27, 2019. Ken was a true Camera Legend who specialized in selling Leica. I want to thank my friend here, the great Bob Matter, a great photographer out of Chicago for dropping me the word on Ken’s passing.

Here’s a shot of me & Ken from 2010. I was just another customer of his but like all his customers he treated you special. He made you feel special. And I can tell you, as someone who’s well aware of camera and lens values, he gave me great deals for which I was very appreciative!

He was one of a kind and there won’t be another one like him I’m sure about that. I’ll have more of my interactions with Ken in future postings.

So today when you take a shot, do one in honor of Ken! It doesn’t have to be a Leica but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if it was! 😎 Godspeed Ken Hansen you were the best!! 😎🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻


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