Photo Of The Day: “One Fine Day” Rollei AFM 35 Fuji Reala

Here’s a never before posted shot from 2009. It was just an ordinary day and there’s nothing extraordinary about the shot except the baby but I’m partial 😀No weird angles, nothing rare, etc

But that’s the beauty of it, It was just one of those many days in life that we take for granted but those are the days to cherish! The only thing I found extraordinary is that I rarely ever saw a more vibrant film print!

It has the vibrancy of digital but the purity of film.

I shot it with a #rolleiafm35 which you may or may not know is actually another awesome film camera made by Fuji, aka the Fuji Klasse when they used to make great film cameras 😢

The film was Fuji Reala and the combination of this camera and this film were amazing. It was a perfect match. The kind you don’t see too often. Anyway perhaps we should keep this one in mind for a future post or video right?

Why no new videos? I’m keeping my word. Don’t want to waste your precious space with useless videos unless I have something interesting to post 😀

Happy Friday good peeps and have a great weekend! 😎📷😘✌🏻


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