Photo Of The Day: “Sunshine Girl” Canon F-1, 35mm f/2 SSC

“Sunshine Girl” Canon F-1, 35mm f/2 SSC

Good morning guys! If and when I can get a decent shot the magic of film is never lost upon me! Here’s a shot taken with the original Canon F-1 and the 35mm f/2 SSC thorium lens with the concave element! 😎👍🏻

If you haven’t heard of this lens, I can attest it is capable of superb images. I initially had focusing problems at first but that was my fault. Once the lens is on, it’s ON! Great sharpness and rendering of the background aka bokeh 😀

The Canon F-1 is a true Camera Legend and this lens is one of the gems of the Canon FD system. I alternate this lens between my FD bodies and my A7r mirrorless.

Film was Tri-X developed in D76. Happy shooting folks, you’re almost at the end of the week and that feels good doesn’t it?! 😎📷😊😘✌🏻


4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Sunshine Girl” Canon F-1, 35mm f/2 SSC

  1. Superb shot bro! I can recall lusting over the F-1 when I was a Canon man. But all I could afford was an FT! Your shot does show off the uniqueness of the Canon optics….

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