Photo Of The Day: “Freedom” Contax T3

Good morning Brothers & Sisters. Here’s a recent photo I took of the Freedom Tower. Gear used was the Contax T3 and Kodak Gold 200.

I never paid the Freedom Tower much attention probably because I grew up with the legendary and tragic Twin Towers. I used to wonder why they bothered to build this building since many businesses were lost after 9/11 and most of the businesses have probably moved on elsewhere.

But then I realized that’s not of the point of it. The Freedom Tower represents the resiliency of America and the American people. To rise from the ashes of the Twin Towers and become America’s symbol of freedom against all who hate the American way of life. God Bless America! 😎🇺🇸👍🏻


One thought on “Photo Of The Day: “Freedom” Contax T3

  1. Love the shot and love Kodak Gold with its intense saturation. I haven’t used it in years but that will be corrected.
    Yes, the Freedom Tower is the big middle finger! It was an absolute necessity…


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