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Good morning war-torn geeks and camera freaks! Just like you, there are many great photography sites I visit though admittedly not as much these days due to just being busy with life. However, when there is free time I enjoy these sites and I’d like to recommend them to you guys in case you didn’t know.

Mike Eckman Dot Com: Mike Eckman’s site is a treasure trove for classic film camera lovers. His reviews are detailed, concise, and includes wonderful samples taken with various cameras. I review Camera Legends but Mike has me beat with ALL cameras! Check out his wonderful reviews:

Victor Bezrukov: Victor is a brilliant photographer based in Israel. When I first visited his site, I saw a description on “the light and shadow warrior.” When you see something like that, the photographer usually doesn’t live up to the description but this man does! His images, especially his b&w images are compelling and Victor really has an eye for composition. I really enjoy his photography and I bet you will too! Check him out:

Jim Grey: Jim Grey’s “Down The Road” has been a favorite for many years. In addition to his many great camera reviews, Jim has a wonderful way of blending photos and words into stories and experiences that anyone can understand and relate to. Being close in age as well as being a fellow camera nut, I can relate to his work on many levels. Jim has also been very kind and supportive of the Camera Legend website and I am very thankful for that! Check out Jim’s wonderful blog here:

And speaking of Jim Grey, I got his book recently and I would like to give it my highest recommendation! Without giving it all away, if you’re familiar with Jim’s work, this book is all you love and more! Well written with wonderful photos, plus some very deeply personal life experiences that you might relate to and might leave you appreciating your own circumstances. You may get the book here or through Jim’s pages:

By the way, I’m old school, I got the paperback copy! I’m about half way through the book and I can say it’s classic Jim Grey!Wonderful photography and deeply personal stories.

If you’re a modern day reader you may also get it in eBook form. I might do that for all future books as I’ve become more environmentally aware over the past few years 🙂

Fuji Sale On Amazon

I haven’t done a book recommendation in years simply because I haven’t bought a book in years but this one is well worth it. As I said about many a good camera, I will say about this book: Get it!

This is just the first of many. There are many other photographers and sites I’d love to recommend and I will so keep looking out for it!

Have a great day camera geeks!


7 thoughts on “Book & Site Recommendations

  1. The only books I’ve bought in years are a couple of recent field guides to Europe and North America but I rarely use them. With two bird identification apps I rarely need them and googling the species scientific name is quicker than checking in a book.

    I did buy the ebook version of the Eric Hosking autobiography An Eye for a Bird. By one of the pioneers of bird photography it’s a reminder of how easy we have it nowadays.

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    1. If I were shooting birds like you do, I think those books you mentioned would be perfect! I think we’ve all adapted, for better or worse, to this new generation on non book buyers other than the occasional books.


      1. I actually have an old paper copy of the Eric Hosking autobiography but still got the Kindle version because I’ve usually got a tablet with me. With apps for checking sunrise/set time and direction and note taking a small tablet is a very useful addition to a camera bag.

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