Photo Of The Day: Snow!

Good morning you awesome war-torn camera geeks! Well what a monster storm we had up here in the northeast and elsewhere right?

I think it was the best snow in years as far as snow goes. It’s the kind of snow that one can easily make snowmen with. Haven’t had that in a few years!

The photo was taken with an iPhone X and processed in camera.

I wouldn’t say it is a “high quality” picture or anything but I wanted to ask: Has the phone quality gotten good enough where you choose it over your better gear?

In my case, it is simply because I didn’t want to risk damaging my “real” cameras since I knew I was going to be outside for a while but I do admit I shoot my phone quite often these days because of the simplicity and ease of sharing the pics.

Sure I can see the blown out whites in the snow but I’m sure 90 percent of the general public out there would not notice or even care about that. It’s only us camera geeks that care! 😀

Someone asked me what the lens was on my old Sony A7r original. It’s the Contax 50mm f/1.4 N lens. The lens lives on!

This is the same lens I used on my now sold Contax N Digital, yes the one with the dead sensor. Someone actually wanted it!

This is a Kipon adapter that’s supposed to control the aperture of the lens electronically through communication with the camera. It is not an autofocus adapter.

The problem with it is that it doesn’t work! I’m forced to always use the lens wide open which is disappointing but ok because I almost always use the lens wide open indoors but outdoors this will be problematic because the lens can flare or cause over exposure in bright light.

It cost me $40 from a respected dealer and there was no mention that it wasn’t working. I suspect they didn’t have an N lens to test.

Anyway as these adapters cost $260 brand new I’ll keep it. I just can’t and won’t dish out $500 for an AF adapter as nice as the N lenses are.

That’s it for today, have a great one good peeps! 😎😍😎👍🏻


7 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Snow!

    1. Sorry I missed this but such a good point! I remember telling a friend recently that nobody really cares about blown out whites except for wedding photographers and camera geeks! 😀📸👍🏻

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      1. In my experience editors are far more interested in the content of the photos than technical quality. It’s only photographers that worry about pin sharp images with no blown highlights.

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  1. When in the field cameras in hand, I always bring my phone and take that extra shot to send to a friend or two a moment after taking in. It bothers me, however, that cell phones have greater range than my raft of very expensive cameras without the bracketing and blending of multiple exposures.

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  2. Yo bro….what I am finding is that for family snaps the phone is the way to go. I take a shot with my camera and the first thing you know, someone wants a copy. A humena humena humena….shoot! With the phone, it’s instant without some wifi app if your camera has the capability. And the phone shot is all that most anyone wants.
    I like that outfit you have there. I just ordered my z7 so I can do the same with my M lenses. I got the novoflex adapter (M-z) and it better be good. I’ve been looking at all the tutorials and it looks like shooting manual lenses is a snap.with focus peaking and “what you see is what you get”! I hope so.
    Anyway, all is well here….hope the same with you and yours…..

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