I Did It!! 😍

“What day is it? And in what month?” 😍

Happy June folks! Sorry this is not camera related but it’s much more important in the overall scheme of things!

Why haven’t you seen this before? Because I haven’t gotten my first COVID-19 vaccine till recently! 🥰

Not because I’m anti-vaccine, think covid is fake or believe in moon beams causing forest fires or anything like that. It’s because I went so long working in dirty nursing homes, seeing patients, co-workers knocked out by covid and yet I never got it! Believe me I’m not trying to brag. I’ve been very lucky, blessed or both but I never caught it. Never tested positive. Never had the antibodies. All this despite going to work with 3-4 hours of sleep. Not always the best diet, drinking soda, etc, etc. I do wear my ppes and wash my hands but I was not super anal about it either. Sometimes I forgot 😀

I figured hey I came this far and never caught the damned bug so maybe I shouldn’t take the vaccine and try to get the record for never catching COVID-19!

But recently my dear Mom said “What are you trying to do? Kick the bucket?” 😀 It’s something similar to what the doctor said to my late great Dad when he tried to avoid the doctor during a critical time when he was on oxygen for copd.

Anyway I realized I was playing Russian roulette with this so I decided to get it for my loved ones ❤️

I had my first dose three weeks ago and am scheduled for my second dose this week. So I won’t try to tell you what to do but if I could I’d say folks, whether you’re for the vaccine or not do it for “you and me and all of the people with nothing to do and nothing to prove” 🥰 That’s from a song for a friend!

Do it for the world, do it for the ones you love! And if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!😍❤️😍

Have you gotten vaccinated? Will you or won’t you? What are your feelings on vaccinations in general? Are you afraid of the unknowns like becoming sterile or having mutant babies? Are vaccinations yet another way for the government to control you? Whatever your stance, I’d love to hear your opinions on this!

PS: I won’t be surprised if I catch COVID shortly after this. That’s the irony of life! Not that I’m wishing for it, believe me I’m not but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens! 😎🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻


10 thoughts on “I Did It!! 😍

    1. Ah you’re still young David! I hear vaccine hesitancy is pretty bad in Canada but it’s starting to pick up steam.

      I won’t try to tell you what to do but all I can say was I was a little hesitant about it despite working in health care.

      But if it makes anyone reading this feeling any better, my only side effects on the first shot of the Moderna vaccine was a sore arm. I hear the second one could be worse though 😩

      Appreciate your comments thanks! 😎📸👍🏻


  1. Good for you, Sam. I put it off until I could have a better idea of the short term effects. Long term… hell, I don’t have long term. 😊. Anyway, I got my second shot on 5/5 and all is well except for having a new ear growing out of my forehead. But, hey, I’m hearing better.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re alright Buz though that “I don’t have a long term” worries me a little! But heck you’re here longer than you thought you would be so I hope and pray you’ll be around longer than you’d want to be! Funny about the ear 😂 Sorry for the late reply it’s always nice to hear from you! 😎😍😎👍🏻


  2. Two weeks past my second shot, and had lunch inside a bar! And going for walks outside without a mask. Still masking inside stores. And got to see an amazing Ansel Adams exhibit at the museum.


  3. Nope and not in my plans to get the jabs, even they send me numerous SMS that i can do this for free.
    “Are vaccinations yet another way for the government to control you?” – control is in the AIr – put masks, take them out, do vaccination, undergo selection, to get a green passport (vaccination check for the international flights), and now parties for 12-16 years old kids with the vaccination machines on the entries. I said I wrote too many in my recent posts on my blog site, so just have nothing to add, But sure everybody has to decide for him/herself. Stay safe and don’t rely only on vaccinations, but stay healthy in mind, in your food and your activity – this is more important.

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    1. Hi my awesome friend Victor! I totally respect your decision and as I mentioned I went for over a year and never caught the virus. I probably wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine if it weren’t for working in health care and living with young children. I’m a little surprised though cause I thought the Israeli government made everyone get the shots! But ultimately it’s a personal choice and I respect the decision not to do it 😎📸👍🏻


      1. Same here. im highly respect.every decision of everyone around me.
        btw. right now i saw the numbers M5.5 from M9 citizens. now they would like to get to kids and im angry about. Kids are asimptomatic and vaccinated adults have to calm.down. You know that vaccinated are also maybe infected. Just without any idea that they have a virus. So why to vaccinate the kids ?
        just thinking aboit. 😉


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