Photo Of The Day “Is It Good Enough or Too Much?”

Good morning you awesome war torn camera geeks! A couple of months ago, I received a plain iPhone 13 as a gift (not a Pro, Pro Max, or whatever other fancy version) and after two months I have to say it’s a game changer!

This photo was shot on the iPhone 13’s Portrait mode at f/1.4. Now I’m not posting this photo because I think it’s impressive or anything. In fact I was not really impressed with it but then I realized the reason I’m not impressed is because I know the bokeh is a product of artificial intelligence, not real lens bokeh. But to the general, non camera public, I could imagine someone out there being impressed and that made me realize that for many people it might be good enough!

But in addition to the faux bokeh, there are many things that make this phone a game changer. The highly touted Cinematic mode, while not perfect, has been good enough that I’ve shot several of my YouTube videos just with this phone. The audio is clearer and better too. And to top it off, the phone now has a very handy ultra wide mode and just as Apple has done many times, I never knew I’d need this ultra wide so much but now I can’t live without it! 😍👍

But today is not my iPhone 13 review. I just wanted to say that if you’ve been thinking about this phone, wanting to upgrade, I honestly think it’s worth it!

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day “Is It Good Enough or Too Much?”

  1. I bought an iPhone 12 mini last year (or was it late 2020?) and it’s the first iPhone where I liked the camera less than the one on the previous iPhone I owned. The pics I get from it all look so unreal, especially compared to the images from my old iPhone 6s. I notice I make images with the 12 mini a LOT less than I did with any previous iPhone.

    I’ve thought about upgrading to the 13 mini to see if it’s any better.

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    1. I’m not sure if the mini has all the iPhone 13 features but I was surprised my plain, standard sized iPhone 13 does. I know what you mean about the “unreal look” and I see that sometimes with this camera too. The 6s as well as the 5 and even the 4 to me have a very nice look to the photos! If you’re not into the “Cinematic” video thing or ultra wide I’d probably skip. Thanks Jim appreciate your comments!


    1. The best way to get one cheap is either to get the previous generations or as a gift like I got. Anyway I hope you’ll be able to try it!


  2. I agree with Jim. I have a 12 Pro Max and while it has the three focal lengths vs the 10’s (my previous) single, the pics seem to be not as good. My son swears by his 13 and MrsB will soon get one. So I’ll be able to form an opinion. Hopefully they’ll be back on track.

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  3. I used to be quite snobby about the pseudo bokeh of the iPhone. “It’s not real!” I’d say to my friends who were impressed. Then after I got an iPhone 11 (still using that one) I fell in love with the quality and convenience, the incredibly easy UX of the controls and the unbelievable night mode. Yes, the quality of the images often feel otherworldly, but that’s kind of the reason why people are into different film types – they take you somewhere. I now think of my iPhone 11 like I do Ilford XP2, or Portra 400. You can spot it when you see it, and you love it for what it provides. I’d much rather grab my phone out my pocket and get the shot than drag around my DSLR in my bag and miss it. Anyway… Love the blog Sam – I’ve just stumbled upon it. Great stuff!

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    1. Hi Will thanks for dropping by and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the iPhone and faux bokeh because I feel exactly the same way! Those were my initial thoughts and I suspect most photographers initially felt the same but you’re right once you start using it, it doesn’t bother you as much and you begin to appreciate it for what it is. I have actually recommended the iPhone camera to many photographers as a go to instead of old outdated digicams but some still fall for the nostalgia of old tech. I admit I do too sometimes but the iPhone has its place with me. Appreciate your kind words on the blog thanks!!


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