“Hen House Takeover”


“Hen House Takeover” 2011. Fuji X100. The original Fuji X100 is a very good imager, despite its quirks. I think this image has a bit of that film-like grit. Please click on the photo for larger and better view.

As mentioned in the last posting, my main working computer is down. As such all I can do while I wait to have it looked at is to throw up some pics that I have on this Chromebook, which again, is neither fast nor fun to use for editing photos šŸ™‚

Here’s one from 2011. At that time I had just gotten my Fuji X100 and was still having my doubts about the camera. But looking over hundreds of shots from the last few years, the camera is a much better imager than I initially thought. I guess I was just having doubts from buyer’s remorse. It might be a quirky performer, but it does produce generally wonderful image quality, even by today’s standards.


3 thoughts on ““Hen House Takeover”

  1. yes it looks very nice in large view but probably not too different from another mirrorless cameras. i think that a body of some camera can’t add to a picture but a lens and settings of exposure in some specific moment. but if some camera in whole (i understand that this one is not lens interchanging camera) change the mood of the picture so maybe there is postprocessing inside a camera or sensor ?

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    1. The Fuji X100 does have some “film simulation” in-camera, though I’m not sure I used it here. As mentioned before it’s an excellent imager, but you’re right Victor, probably not much different from what you get out of other mirrorless. Thanks for your comments!

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