Photo Of The Day: “That Smile”


My little “Country Bumpkin” in 2008.

This could be considered a “Flashback Friday” post. This is my elder daughter in 2008, just a little more than a year old.

Shot with an Epson R-D1 and a seventy plus year old 50mm f/2 Leica Summar lens. I had just gotten this lens in rough condition on eBay for under $100. I was so enamored that it was giving me these (to me) beautiful soft/sharp images, just what I’d been looking for!

The Epson R-D1 was a 6.1mp camera, the world’s first digital rangefinder, and one of my favorite old school digital cameras ever. I’ve been meaning to do a flashback review of this camera, but this is one of those cameras that I love so much, I would need a lot to time to do it justice. Time I simply don’t have tonight. But I’ll get to it, eventually 🙂

Have a good Friday and a good weekend everybody!

Best, Sam


4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “That Smile”

    1. Thank you Victor! The Epson is great, in any upcoming post or tribute I want to do it justice hence the reason I take so long. You too have a nice weekend, appreciate your comments and visits, and thanks again!

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      1. A wah de guan Samstadamus? I’ve always wanted to get a R-D1 and use it with old lenses but, that never came to fruition, although it’s still in my plans. Now to the shot. I like the overall rendition, low key with split lighting on her face, just fabulous, my kind of shot. Looking at it you feel like exploring it over and over again, checking out the highlights, the somewhat slight mid-toned then the shadow and then “selector, roll it back man”. Anticipating forthcoming pics. One luv!

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      2. Hey Radster!! Thanks! Always enjoy reading your words and insightful comments! I got one cool “secret” for you…much as I like the R-D1, if you want a similar experience as far as IQ goes, get an old Nikon D100 or Pentax *ist D, use them with old Nikon or Pentax lenses. Same 6mp sensor as the R-D1, cost a lot less 🙂


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