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“A Weird Guy” Part I. Ricoh GRD 8.1mp. You know this is a weird brother! Ain’t no doubt about it. Somehow, this skinny guy has even managed to put on a little belly, don’t know how 🙂

I recently took a get away weekend to the Poconos. As a city guy, I’ve not always appreciated the suburbs or the country, but now as I’m older I’ve grown to appreciate a slower pace and a quieter lifestyle.

I did take a medium format film camera with me, but that roll has yet to finish. My digital cameras were my trusty Ricoh GR Digital, the original 8.1mp version, a Fuji XA-1 (cheapest Fuji X mirrorless), and my iPhone.

The old GRD holds a special place in my heart. As some of you might know, I’ve always been a fan of this camera since I got one in 2006 and I’ve highly touted its abilities on these pages.

Based on the stats on these pages, it appears the old Ricoh GRD version 1 is THE Camera Legend of this blog! If Ricoh were still making this camera, I could’ve easily asked for royalties 🙂

The XA-1 I got recently for a little over $100 used. So far, it seems to have the best out of camera jpegs of any Fuji I’ve tried even if it doesn’t have the much hyped X-Trans sensor. Only the lack of a viewfinder is what I consider a negative. But heck, I like cheap and I got it cheap!

Anyway, here are some recent pics from the getaway. Nothing special, just some shots. It’s always good to take shots without the need to impress anyone. This modern Instagram world relies of that “ooh ahh” factor nearly all the time, but 90 percent of “real” photography is boring everyday stuff. It sounds like I’m making excuses for bad pics, but no, I’m not. Hmmm, maybe I am? Ahh, whatever 🙂

Have a blessed Sunday good people!


“Sunday Morning” 2016. Fuji XA-1, Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 R lens. Last Sunday actually! In a cheap hotel in the Poconos, Pennsylvania.


“The Shot” 2016. Ricoh GR Digital 8.1mp. The Poconos, Pennsylvania.


“Fat Cat” 2016. Fuji XA-1, Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 R lens. A 12 year old cat named “Boots” who is 22 pounds and doesn’t move much 🙂



8 thoughts on “Recent Items

  1. Nice shots Bro. The GR is still the bomb. (Is that the lovely Zoe back there waiting her turn at the table??) Time is flyin’….
    I think I may be softening up Mrs B for a GR II. Now that we have a grandchild on the way, she needs something she’ll be willing to carry around. The DSLR just sits in the closet.

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    1. Thanks Bro! Indeed it is Zoe and she’s growing up fast, time is flying by! Your grandchild is coming soon, don’t hesitate to do what you want. Get that GR II and get that K-1 and just enjoy it!! 🙂


  2. I keep looking at and thinking about a fixed-lens digital. But so many of them tend to run wider than I’d like. I’d like a 35mm-ish-equivalent lens. And I don’t want to spend $1,000 on it either, as I am a cheapskate. So I keep looking and thinking! Meanwhile, I still get great use from my old Canon S95.

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    1. I think you’re getting the best out of that S95 Jim, and between that and an iPhone, I don’t think anyone needs much more for general photography. Of course, we gear heads may WANT more lol. Have a good day my friend, and thanks! 🙂


  3. beautiful storytelling ! i always prefer this “boring” REAL photography and not the instagram crap ! Ricoh is a killer i really want to have the digital version to addition to my film one. maybe one day – it’s impossible to have everything :-))) have a nice start of week Sam !

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