Photo Of The Day: “Olive Oil”


“Olive Oil” 2016. Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Ah olive oil. The not so secret ingredient to the much touted Mediterranean Diet. So good for you. So good for your body!

Now wait a minute you might say. Isn’t this site about cameras? Well yes indeed it is. And today, I just want to say a little about the 12mp camera on the iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus. In fact, this might apply to nearly all of today’s high quality cell phone cameras.

First, about the shot. It may seem like a fancy restaurant, but I took this shot at a local Singa’s Pizza. Good, maybe even great pizza, but the joint itself is far from elegant.

Anyway, I spotted this on the wall and the light was hitting it in that wonderful way that only light can.

After nearly six years of iPhone shooting, starting with the original 3G, then 3Gs, then the 4, then the 5, now the 6, I must say that the cameras on the iPhone have evolved to a point where I really don’t need any of my fancy point and shoots for nearly ninety percent of what I shoot, especially if it’s going to be in daylight or in good light.

The above photo, I think, is a good example. The color, the detail of the olives inside the bottles, and a wonderful balance on the shadows, highlights, and mid-tones.

But this is not a surprise to anyone who has been shooting iPhones. Most of us already know the wonderful qualities which makes shooting them such a pleasure. Deep rich color and tones, excellent sharpness, and super speedy shooting. The last part makes it perfect for street shots. Negatives? Can be mushy when viewed at 100 percent, especially on low light images. But that also happens on a lot of “real cameras.”

But one more very big positive. Of course, the ability to edit in camera and share your photos right away to your friends/fans on Facebook, Instagram or what have you, that seals the deal for most people. Yes, I know camera companies have incorporated wifi and sharing to their DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras, but the few I tried were very clunky in operation and not yet close to the smooth operation found in modern phones.

As great as I’m making it sound, there is still one BIG negative about shooting with an iPhone. The negative is just that; the fact that it’s a phone first and not thought of as a “camera” even if there is a very advanced camera in there.

You won’t get a lot of cred for still shots, no matter how nice, taken with an iPhone or any other phone. People may say, “Ooh ahh” about the great pic you shot with your phone, but they are also silently saying…”Phone camera? Ah ok” then they move on. You simply won’t get a lot of photo-nerd love by using a cell phone camera 🙂

It may be bad, but in a good way, people still respect you more if the shots were taken on an actual camera, even if the cell phone cameras have blurred the lines on what a “real camera” is. To most people, even the ones who will like your pics, the cell phone camera is just too easy. They know it. So it’s also easy to dismiss.

That’s why film shooters still get a lot of cred. It’s film. It’s an old medium and yes, it does require a little (and sometimes, a lot) more work than it does with a modern DSLR, mirrorless or a high end cell phone camera.

But if you put all this aside, take it out of your mind, there will come a time when you’ll have to say, you know what? This phone takes pictures as good as any other digital camera I’ve used in the past ten years.

Again, not for every shot or every situation, but for ninety percent of what most people shoot, it’s perfect. No wonder more images are uploaded from the iPhone than any other “real camera” out there.

No my friends, I’m not trying to convince you that the iPhone is better than say, a Leica Q. And no, I have not lost my love for vintage cameras. I am and will continue to use them as long as film is around.

What I am saying is for me, I got to face reality. Shooting the iPhone may not be as cool as say, shooting a Ricoh GR, but it often will get the shots that under normal viewing distances, and certainly when posting small pics, will be indistinguishable from each other. That says a lot about how far cell phone cameras have come.

Have a good day my friends and don’t worry, there will certainly be more Camera Legend reviews! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Olive Oil”

  1. My iPhone 6s is truly great for times when I’m just out and about and happen to find something photo-worthy. But when I want to seriously go out and shoot, I prefer my Canon S95. I find it easier to handle, and I like how I can dial in 28, 35, 50, 85, and 105mm equivalents. The sad truth is that, straight JPEG, the iPhone renders color better than the S95. But the S95 shoots raw!

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  2. This is a nice picture bro…but I am one of those “nerds” who uses his phone strictly to make calls and text!…but you already knew that! :-))))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sam the man, yes I am! Oh no, wait a minute, you are 😜. I too like the lighting, “hitting it in that way that only like can”. In this case I guess dubbing it split lighting would be right on. BTW, the shadows are a great parts of it, not forgetting about the composition (nice use of empty space, clear image / single idea) of course. Improved colours, contrast control, dynamic range, nuff kudos to technology.

      I am still using the iPhone 4S, it’s been about four years now and I don’t intend on upgrading anytime soon . Considering the latter, I am hoping I won’t be able to attest to how good they have gotten, hopefully for a while.

      More later, must breakup my long “windedness”. Praying mantis breathing excercises to be blamed. Peaceout!

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      1. Hey Radman, you are the Master!! You know how highly I regard your work man! Thanks for your comments and insights, as always. Not to worry, I think from the 4s up, the quality is there so you’re good with the camera on that phone man! I really wish you would start posting your work for public consumption 🙂


    2. Haha, yes I do! Of course, I do! If I were to be honest, yes I am a photo nerd too. Once I hear it’s a cell phone shot, I move on 🙂


  3. very nice post starting with a very fine photograph.

    On the end for me it’s not important where the pic comes from. Film, digital, phone…. as long as the result is good, al”si great!


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