Photo Of The Day: “Country Bumpkins”

Shot with an iPhone 6s Plus, Basa Air Base, Philippines 2016. Hello good people and good morning. Never mind me, I’m just trying the WordPress mobile upload. I usually do all my postings from my laptop but if this works better I might just use this exclusively.

I just chose a random photo to post. This one was from last year, shot in a small village inside Basa Air Base, Philippines and shot with an iPhone 6s Plus. You can now view a larger photo by double clicking on it. I hope this will work for larger files. But back to the country bumpkins, seems to me no matter where you go in this world, the country looks like the country!

On a related note, the baby has been under the weather the past week with allergies, cold and fever. My apologies for not getting to you all as I should but this is what happens in the real world. Happy Saturday and hope to see y’all (as they might say in the country) soon 😀👌🏻


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