Photo Of The Day: “Don’t Work Too Hard”


“Don’t Work Too Hard” 2008. Rolleiflex 2.8C, Xenotar lens, Kodak Portra 400 UC. I’m not sure you can see it, but looking at my scan this morning, I still marvel at how sharp, detailed, and vibrant this image is nearly nine years later. It’s a testament to that Xenotar lens and Kodak film, I take no credit!

In honor of Labor Day! Yes, it’s been a long drawn out summer. Work has taken all my energy. I find that I’m not an efficient multi-tasker.

Not neglecting this blog on purpose. I really should spend more time on it and if anything I need to ramp it up! I don’t know about you camera lovers, but for me, the more cameras I acquire, the less I shoot πŸ™‚

Reminds me a lot of that banker in the old Twilight Zone episode. All he wanted was time enough to read all his favorite books. Then there was some kind of nuclear annihilation and he was the only survivor. He finally had all the time in the world to read. He came upon a library I believe and just as he was relishing on his good fortune, he dropped and broke his glasses. Brilliant!

Same way, I spend my time and money seeking out these Camera Legend cameras and when I get them, I can’t decide which one to use or review. Ain’t that life? πŸ™‚

Anyway, just as in the above photo, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve done this year. You’ve done well so today, please take it easy and oh, don’t work too hard now, will ya? πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Don’t Work Too Hard”

  1. Great photo with beautiful light and nice clarity, Sam. Thanks for another interesting post. I remember that Twilight Zone as well.. Burgess Meredith played the lead, I think.

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  2. Yo bro….there is no beating that Xenotar….nor the Portra…as your post demonstrates. Really love the colors! Medium format really separates the colors so well….
    And I recall that TZ episode as well….one of the two memorable ones for me…the other being “The Surprise Party”. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey Bro, thanks for your comments and you’re right about medium format. Now don’t you miss the days when we actually had more time to shoot it?! Thanks also for the Twilight Zone episode, I’ll have to check it out! πŸ™‚


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