The Story Of “LIT”

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all our great dads out there!

And Happy Father’s Day to my Dad in heaven.

Just a story about this pic. It was 2007 maybe March or April. We were about to go out, our usual Dunkin Donuts, coffee, etc run.

He was wearing this “husky man” brown jacket, which my father in law would later also become fond of wearing, which happens to be my jacket 😀

Anyway, I saw a good photo op here so I asked him if I could take a quick shot which he obliged. The camera I think was a then “current” Fuji S3 Pro and cheap 50mm lens.

Who would think that a short four years later, this would be his “obituary” photo. The photo used at his funeral.

Have you ever thought about the time when that day comes, what photo of yours will your family use for your goodbye? It’s a hard vision to think about 😢

On a more uplifting note, kids these days like to use the word “LIT” like you might see on Instagram like…Yo man, that was LIT!! 😀🔥🔥💯👍🏻

Well, I say my Dad was always LIT man!! His real name is Chavalit aka Charlie 😊

That’s ChavaLIT!! You got it? 😀 and we’ve always called him “Lit” “Litty” “Leet!” “Loop” “Lop” “DaB” and oh yeah LIT!! 😀🔥🔥🔥

RIP Pops! We love you and miss you man 😍❤️🙏✌🏻


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