Photo Of The Day: “Cold World Warriors” Nikon D1

Once in a while I like to use the “oddball” stuff. Now I don’t think anyone would consider the classic Nikon D1 from 1999 an “oddball” but at only 2.7 megapixels, I gather it’s not something most folks would be using everyday.

Heck I don’t even use it every day, much as I love this digital oldie. But once in a while it’s refreshing to see what old tech can do.

The lens used was a 50mm f/1.8 AF-D Nikkor. I did do some color processing to give it some extra funk 😊

Cause and effect are never as we imagine. The result of global warming is an increasingly cold cold world. Here’s my warmth in these troubled times 😍

Interestingly, I read it some years back that a Nikon executive once stated in an interview that the D1’s sensor was actually 10 megapixels but that the extra megapixels were used for improved color, noise, etc, but the actual resolution was still only 2.7mp. All this tech in 1999?! Interesting and possibly a topic for another day!

Happy Easter vacation good peeps! This is a great time to get your cameras and lenses out! 😎📷😘


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