Photo Of The Day: “Growing Up” 😍👍

Good morning you awesome camera geeks! Here’s a recent shot with the Nikon DF and vintage 58mm f/1.4 Nikkor, not the new version. I really love the look of this old Nikkor for portraits!

The DF has a beautiful 16mp sensor that I feel lends itself well to portrait work. Even though it’s an older sensor now (same sensor as D4), it’s still an amazing performer. A smooth sensor. Not so digital looking but not quite film like either. Almost unique. It’s like the D3 sensor but even better!

Here’s another photo to whet your appetite! I used an action to create a chrome like look. I’m not sure I’m ready to do a review yet but hopefully soon! Still got a lot to learn about the DF but it should be fun!

Have a beautiful weekend you guys! 😍❤️👍


2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: “Growing Up” 😍👍

  1. Hey Bro… goodness does time fly. Look at that gorgeous shot of the beautiful Zoe. How quickly baby-hood, toddler-hood and little kid-hood have flown past. And then the double whammy! You certainly have been blessed Bro. Mrs B just said “wow. look at them!” She sends her best…
    We both just got over Covid. MrsB was completely asymptomatic. It totally kicked my butt. Thank goodness for the vaccine. Both fine now. Back taking picks.
    I religiously watch all your videos even when I don’t comment. I love the iconic hand clap! :-)))))
    All the best.

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    1. Hey Bro-Sky!! Wow man I’m sorry to hear that Covid got you bad, but I’m so glad you and Mrs. B are ok!! I was wondering what happened to you, thought you were just busy with life and not fighting Covid. Glad you’re back taking pics! 😍 Hopefully we can hook up this year, it’s been so long and I miss your candor and wisdom!
      Thanks for watching Camera Legend and love that you like the clap!! All my best to Mrs. B and the fam, you’re the best!! 😍🙏👍


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