September Morn…And a couple Canon 1DIII Images

Ah can you believe that September is here once again? I know it’s played out but the title of that old Neil Diamond track just fits.

To me, and I guess many folks, September and this Labor Day weekend represents the bittersweet end of Summer.

So here this September morn, I have a couple images from my current camera of the week and that camera is the Canon EOS-1D Mark III.

“Happy Labor Day” 2015 that is! Shot with a Canon EOS-1D MKIII and Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 lens. The Yongnuo is a pretty good copy of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens.

The Canon EOS-1D Mark III was released in 2006 and at that time, it was supposed to be the ultimate Canon sports and photojournalists camera.

However, that was not to be due to one fatal flaw…Unreliable AF. Reports from users and reviewers at that time revealed a camera with a seriously flawed AF system that was apparently getting a lower hit rate than the previous 1DMKIIN. Note this was mostly in AF Servo mode.

Disappointment was apparent when reading the forum postings of that time. Not just because the AF was bad, but because the image quality was so good! Such bittersweetness!

Don’t forget guys, I was on those forums just like you! Except, I stayed silent and just digested all the information 🙂

To their credit, Canon offered to fix any 1DIII cameras with these issues at that time, once they acknowledged the problem. The fixed cameras are often called the “blue dot” versions.

However, even after the fix, some people felt the camera was still having autofocus issues. And the 1DIII never quite got the accolades or respect that Canon sought. And so went down one of the potentially most amazing high speed cameras ever released.

I got my first one in 2015. I had it for a short time, but I did feel it was giving me random off focus images so I sold it quick. It may or may not have just been all in my mind! The problem with this camera is once the seed of doubt has been planted, it’s hard to get it out of your head.

Reecently, I found another one very cheap and decided to try it again. I would never make judgement on just one copy of a camera. I was very surprised when taking a series of my eldest child on her Razor, that the 1DIII kept up even as she picked up speed! It was probably too easy for this camera! I will probably put those sequences up should I do a future review on this camera.

But in case I don’t, just know that if you buy one, try to get it cheap or from a reliable dealer because there’s always a risk with this camera. However, it’s also possible that any 1DIII’s with serious issues should have been fixed by now

“Razor’s Edge” 2018. Canon EOS-1D MKIII, EF 135mm f/2L lens. I took this last week. Testing out the 1DIII. It’s a camera I’ve always wondered about, but stayed away from it due to its reputation for AF issues. I got rid of my first one due to those issues, but this one seems a keeper!

“Smile” 2018. Canon EOS-1D MKIII, EF 135mm f/2L. Zay now knows, somehow, when to give me the pose 🙂

“September Morn” 2009. Rolleiflex SL66, 80mm f/2.8 Rollei HFT Planar, Tmax 400 in Tmax Developer. Yes folks, I had one of these cameras too! Didn’t hold on to it long, but I do miss the silky smooth yet sharp images from that Planar lens!

That’s it for this morning, see you soon! 😊

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6 thoughts on “September Morn…And a couple Canon 1DIII Images

  1. Thanks for the article, Sam. Your post resonated with me. I think that there is too much focus in the photography world (pun intended), on the latest and greatest gear. When, in fact, some of the older cameras, still take brilliant images and perform exceptionally. You made that clear above. We need to buy used, especially if you’re new to photography! You can get a Canon 5D (full frame) for under £300 from a reputable used camera dealer. I would choose that any day, over say a Canon Rebel or something equivalent.
    Anyway, thanks again it was a great read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ben, thanks so much for your kind comments! Yes, I totally agree with what you wrote. I’ve said it here many times before that I no longer obsess with the latest and greatest. Cameras going back as far the the original 5D Classic that you mentioned are as capable as any today for making great images. If people are obsessed with the latest and greatest, I say it’s their loss! Thanks again and I appreciate knowing that you and others out there can appreciate the beauty of these older cameras. Regards, Sam


  2. Hi Sam, last year I got a Canon 1d2n and I love the files out of this camera. It is more saturated than my other Canon 5d 1 and 3. Kind of sees it in your shots also (from the Canon 1dlll). Cheers Jens.


    1. Hi Jens, happy to read your comments about your experiences with the 1DIIn! I have used the 1DIIn and the 1DII as well and can echo your words about the beautiful, rich color saturation this camera produces! The 1DIIn is a Canon Camera Legend with a solid reputation for performance and I’m glad to hear from someone like yourself who still uses and appreciates this classic camera. Regards, Sam 😊


  3. Hey bro…..a couple of things…first I love “smile”. It really shows her sisterly resemblance to the beautiful Zoe.
    I’ll be the first to echo the comments on the classics. Except for the K-1 (I had no choice on that one since it was the first), all I use are classics! 🙂
    Lastly I can’t believe the huge maw on that z7. Can’t wait to see that f/0.95. Maybe they’ll have a proto at the show!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Bro-Sky!! Sorry I missed this. Thanks for your kind words as always. Somehow I get the impression that you don’t like the K-1 that much! Aww man, I was hoping you would. Yes, hope to see what they got in store at the show! Catch you soon man, Sam 🙂


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